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Артикул PC12F36075
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ProClean™ Container Cleaning NozzlePart number: PC1/2F-36075ProClean™ Tank Cleaning NozzlePart Number: PT1/2F-235120ProClean™ Tank and Container Wash Nozzles are designed for better and faster cleaning of empty agrochemical containers and the inside of sprayer tanks. They are manufactured from PVDF for performance and durability.FEATURES & BENEFITSProClean™ Container Wash Nozzle• 4 fluid-driven fan jets rotate slowly for targeted impact and thorough cleaning of thick chemical residues• Faster container cleaning with less water used• Optimum pressure 2to 4 bar (Range 1—8 bar)• Optional constant pressure push-valve to release washing jet• Fit common induction hoppers. ½” BSP parallel female thread• Compact size just 73 mm tall and 29 mm wide High Performance Tank and Container Wash NozzlesProClean™ Tank Wash Nozzle• Fit inside sprayer tank to wash internal surfaces• 8 fluid-driven fan jets rotate 360° to cover upper tank surfaces• Self-flushing water bearing to prevent chemical trapping• Optimum pressure 2.5 to 5 bar (Range 1—8 bar)

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Tank Nozzle cleaner — Hypro

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Technical product / consumables